Bespoke Services

Remove those Everyday Headaches and Allow Yourself Time To Focus

I love to meet my clients face-to-face for consultations, but for the more time-pressed or for those of you who spend a lot of time working away, I can offer telephone consultations or communication via email; whichever is more convenient for you.

I offer an extensive range of bespoke services suitable for anyone needing assistance with their work or home life. This range of services covers all aspects of home management, business assistance, lifestyle management and many other ad hoc duties that can often fall into one or both categories.

My services can help you with managing your work-life balance by taking over the jobs that are holding you back and thus relieving any anxiety you may have felt just by thinking about having to tackle those daily chores. Enhance your lifestyle with a personal assistant who can help you at home, in work or for any other tasks you just don't feel like doing anymore.

Lifestyle Management

Need assistance with running your daily home life?

Get in touch to see how I can support you with the tasks that overwhelm you and allow me to free up your time, so you can do more of what you enjoy. You can rest assured knowing everything is taken care of and in safe hands.

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Perfect to Help With:

  • Air BnB hosting
  • Running Errands
  • Calendar management
  • Arranging or accepting deliveries

Business Management

Do you need support keeping your business running?

Do you need support with keeping your business up and running or would simply like to delegate those every day, but time-consuming tasks? I’m here to take that stress away and allow you the scope to focus on the most important aspects of your business.

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Ideal to Assist With:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Travel arrangements
  • Office cover during leave
  • Excel and Powerpoint

General Wellbeing

Would You Like Support In Making Modern Life Easier?

Are you are struggling organizing a holiday, planning an event or looking for that exclusive gift? Then look no further for a solution. I will remove those time-consuming tasks from your to do list.

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Suitable to Help With:

  • Planning an event
  • Arranging a Party
  • Organizing holidays
  • Purchasing of exclusive gifts
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