Penelope's Pitstop

A Bespoke And Confidential Assistance Service To Ease Your Busy Lifestyle

Penelope’s Pitstop offers a bespoke, discreet and professional service to alleviate the stresses of everyday life, allowing you to enjoy your valuable time. My bespoke range of services are aimed to assist at home, in business and in your lifestyle generally. Allow me to remove the clutter and replace it with total peace of mind.

My bespoke range of services are perfect for anyone looking to take time out to enjoy life. If you are looking for some assistance in helping with your home management, or you are a business owner who could use some extra help to get ahead with tasks, then you are in the right place.

My home and business service provides you with a wide range of options to help assist you in your daily life. From a unique, tailored personal PA to help you with everyday tasks, to a special event planner or full business assistant who can help you tackle those mundane jobs, I am here to help. Imagine a life where the everyday stresses and chores are fully removed, allowing you to experience life to its fullest - worry free.

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So How Does Our Service Work?

Why My Service Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Using my services couldn't be any easier, in fact I've made it so simple to use that we've broken it down it to three easy steps, for anyone wanting help and support at home or in the office.

How We Can Help Assist You With Daily Home Life

Home Management Assistance

Managing and maintaining the home can be time consuming, stressful and takes away hours from the activities we want to be doing and the people we want to be spending quality time with.

Penelope’s Pitstop offers many services tailored to your personal requirements. Whether support is needed for the daily running of the home, help managing a rental property or a one-off errand, I personalise my service to fit around you.

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How We Can Help Assist You With Daily Work Life

Business Management Assistance

I also offer a range of services to businesses, whether this be for a sole trader or a small business. Running a business can be difficult; the finances, filing, correspondence and planning takes valuable time away from the actual service you provide.

I am available for a one- off service or on a contract basis for those regular jobs that need to be taken care of, giving you time back to focus on the business and maximise your income.

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With My Bespoke Services, Life Has Never Been So Easy

Are You Ready To Start Enjoying More Free Time?

If so, pick up the phone and give me a call today to see how I can help you free up more time to enjoy life.

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